You’re about to make some pretty big decisions about your birth control. Today there are many different methods, which could mean many different questions. What are my options? What about side effects? Itís important to get the big picture, think things over, and talk with your healthcare provider about which option is right for you.

Through ongoing research, Bayer works to bring you innovative contraceptive products. We’re committed to improving your health and well-being and to bring you the facts about the benefits, as well as the safety and risks of birth control, including our own.

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Birth Control Choices

Benefits and risks of
birth control Options

Not all birth control is the same and may have different benefits and risks.
No one product in best for everyone. Today you have options.

Do you know all your options?

There are choices to consider. Talk to your healthcare provider who can determine which birth control option is right for you.

Contraceptive Efficacy

How effective is your birth control?

Depending on which birth control method you use, the contraceptive effectiveness may vary. Different forms of birth control provide different levels of protection against pregnancy.


Fast Facts

So ... how much do you really know about birth control? Put your knowledge to the test.

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Fast Facts

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Looking for more information?

Check out a variety of resource links to help further answer your questions about birth control and womenís health.

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